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Are you looking to grow your auto body business at a reduced cost to you?

European Connection Imports (ECI) can help you achieve that goal.

ECI has been in business since 1985. We have successfully completed over 1,200 installations throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America of a variety of standard and customized spray booth design installations.

ECI provides significant expertise in:

Conception of design

Facility evaluations

Equipment selection

Specialized option include side load paint booth with dollies on rails, drive through booths, specialized height, width and length dimensions, multiple prep or one stop bays, same day repair capabilities

Creating a contemporary shop design.

About the Manufacturer

ECI has worked exclusively with CMC Spray Booths for over 20 years. CMC has been manufacturing automotive industry equipment in Italy since 1977.

CMC has distinguished the company’s capabilities within the industry through:

  Conceptually innovative designs

  Products manufactured with the most advanced materials and technologies

  Focus on production quality

  Craftsmen-like care by technicians

  Setting the highest standards to achieve product durability and performance

  Significant investment in state of the art technologies to specialize in customer design products and



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